Educational Epoxy Flooring

High quality long lasting flooring

Educational facilities have unique needs when it comes to flooring. Educational flooring must be safe from trip and fall hazards while also protecting students and staff from bacteria and mold. The ideal flooring system will also offer long-term resistance against wear and tear, impact damage, and abrasion to keep the floors looking pristine.
While students may not give much notice to the low-maintenance skid resistant flooring in their classrooms or the fact that the restroom’s integral cove base and epoxy flooring controls pathogens, but your facility will benefit from long-term cost savings and minimal maintenance requirements. At Advanced Epoxy Flooring, we install commercial-grade epoxy flooring for schools and other educational facilities. Our educational epoxy flooring is built for tough conditions with unmatched performance and durability.

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Long-Term Durability of Educational Epoxy Flooring

Affordable and durable flooring.

Commercial epoxy flooring in Detroit looks great and performs even better for long-term reliability and a low lifecycle cost. Professionally installed school epoxy flooring can withstand even harsh cleaning protocols with excellent resistance to abrasives, disinfectants, and cleaning chemicals. It never requires waxing or polishing to reduce maintenance expenses. Unlike many institutional flooring systems, epoxy is highly resistant to abrasion, puncture, and impact damage. It’s even suitable for use in school labs as it resists alkali, acids, and other chemicals without staining or deteriorating. Our commercial epoxy floor coating is built for high-traffic areas and maintains its beautiful aesthetics for years.
No matter where it’s installed in your facility, commercial epoxy flooring is up to the task. In a school weight room or gym, epoxy can withstand high weight loads and absorb shock without damaging the concrete substrate. In bathrooms, kitchens, and locker rooms, epoxy flooring with an integral cove base creates a seamless surface that’s easy to clean and will not harbor bacteria or mildew. Elsewhere, school epoxy flooring withstands heavy traffic, spills, dropped objects, and more.
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Customize Your School Epoxy Flooring

Huge variety of options

You don’t need to settle on an unattractive, sterile flooring solution for your school, cafeteria, or library. Advanced Epoxy Flooring offers unlimited ways to customize your commercial epoxy flooring with colors, custom blends, markings, logos, text, and more.
Our epoxy coatings come in many standard single colors along with decorative flake epoxy, high build aggregate, decorative quartz, faux stone, terrazzo-look, and much more. You can add a school logo to the lobby, gym, or cafeteria, add school colors to the floor, or use markings to direct traffic flow. We can also customize your flooring system with slip resistance and antimicrobial properties for the ultimate protection.
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Epoxy Flooring
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At Epoxy Flooring Detroit, we have been doing commercial epoxy for almost 20 years. If you need help with commercial epoxy flooring and want a true professional on your side, give us a call today!
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Applications for Our Educational Epoxy Flooring

Dedicated to quality

  • High schools and middle schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Daycares and preschools
  • Libraries
  • School cafeterias
  • Locker rooms
  • Schools labs
  • School kitchens and restrooms
  • Gyms and weight rooms
Advanced Epoxy Flooring’s educational epoxy flooring offers qualities you won’t find with other types of educational flooring, including a low lifecycle cost, seamless installation, and resistance to heavy traffic, chemicals, abrasion, and impact.