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Aircraft Hangar Epoxy Flooring

Stronger than concrete

Airplane hangars have unique requirements when it comes to safe, efficient, and durable flooring. At Advanced Epoxy Flooring, our specially formulated hangar epoxy flooring withstands even the harshest conditions, including aviation fuel, lubricants, corrosive liquids, waxes, and more. Out epoxy hangar floors maintain their integrity and appearance without staining, flaking, or breaking down — even after long-term chemical exposure.
Whether you have a maintenance hangar, storage hangar, or fuel hangar, you can count on Advanced Epoxy Flooring to deliver a superior aircraft hangar epoxy flooring in Detroit that surpasses your expectations.

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Characteristics of Aircraft Hangar Epoxy Flooring

We have developed industrial epoxy flooring systems for a wide range.

We install epoxy hangar floors for privately-owned hangars, government complexes, and airports with superior results that stand the test of time. The following are the most important characteristics of our commercial epoxy flooring in Detroit, MI.
This image shows an Aircraft Hanger.
Chemical Resistance
One of the most important properties for hangar flooring is its ability to withstand damage from chemicals. Hangar epoxy flooring withstands short-term and long-term exposure to a variety of chemicals such as fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, aviation fuel, corrosive liquids, lubricants, and hot tires without staining or deteriorating.
This image shows an Aircraft Hanger.
Abrasion Resistance
Our epoxy hangar floors in Detroit offer excellent wear properties with the ability to withstand scrapes, scratches, and abrasion from dropped or dragged equipment and tools.
Your epoxy hangar flooring will maintain its appearance and seamless surface for years to come.
This image shows an Aircraft Hanger.
Bond and Tensile Strength
Hangar flooring requires a superior bond to the concrete substrate to withstand heavy aircraft and loads yet flexibility and coating strength to withstand extreme conditions. Industrial epoxy flooring in Detroit absorbs impact with a much higher compressive strength than the concrete substrate to which it’s applied.
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This image shows an Aircraft Hanger.
Epoxy flooring offers excellent reflectivity to improve illumination below and above aircraft while reducing the need for additional light fixtures.
By selecting a reflective finish, mechanics can benefit from greater visibility working beneath aircraft while making it easier to clean the floor and spot debris and objects.
This image shows an Aircraft Hanger.
Electrostatic Dissipation
Special precautions are necessary to guard against harm to sensitive avionics, electronics, and explosive materials that may be stored in an aircraft hangar.
Anti-static industrial epoxy flooring is an effective way to guard against electrostatic discharge. This type of epoxy flooring contains a conductive material that dissipates potential static discharge.
This image shows an Aircraft Hanger.
Low Maintenance
Epoxy flooring is the ultimate low-care flooring solution for commercial and industrial applications. A commercial epoxy floor coating is a seamless installation that can be easily sanitized, swept, and cleaned without damage from cleaning compounds. As hangar floor areas can exceed 250,000 square feet, choosing a flooring solution that is easy and economical to clean is crucial.
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Customized Appearance

Several options to chose from

There are many ways to customize the appearance of your aircraft hangar epoxy flooring installation. White or light gray commercial epoxy flooring is often specified for safety reasons to improve the visibility of items and fluids on the floor. Depending on regulations, the size of the hangar, and the number of aircraft, we can install a variety of striping and markings for safety and efficiency. We can even incorporate decorative elements such as text and logos.
Advanced Epoxy Flooring installs cost-effective, safe, and attractive aircraft hangar epoxy flooring throughout the greater Detroit area. Contact us today to learn why hangar epoxy flooring is the clear favorite among hangar managers with a low lifecycle cost and unrivaled durability.
This image shows an Aircraft Hanger.