Resurfacing Existing Concrete

Give your concrete an affordable facelift

If your concrete is in good condition but marred by cosmetic defects like cracks, spalling, stains, or road salt damage, concrete resurfacing is a great solution. Our concrete resurfacing contractors in Detroit, Michigan can transform your aging concrete from an eyesore to like-new condition. We can even give your concrete a brand-new look with stains, polishing, stamped concrete, and other techniques.
The process of concrete resurfacing in Detroit always begins with thorough cleaning of your old concrete surface to remove grime and stains followed by repairs. We take the time to properly repair cracks and holes to create a uniform surface ready for resurfacing. Once the repairs are done, the entire surface of your concrete is prime and covered with a polymer concrete that’s finished with a trowel. We can add coloring and seal the surface for a cost-effective aesthetic update or you can take the resurfacing to the next level.
One of the most popular decorative options is concrete staining, which can add mottled earth tones or vibrant colors to your concrete with beautiful effects like leather and stone. We can also add sawcut patterns to the surface to give your concrete a decorative upgrade. For concrete floor resurfacing, you can choose to cover your repaired concrete with epoxy for an attractive and long-lasting floor system. Finally, concrete can be resurfaced and upgraded with a stamped concrete overlay, which involves applying a new layer of concrete over the existing slab and stamping and staining it to resemble anything from hardwood planks and brick to flagstone and slate.

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Detroit Exterior Concrete Resurfacing

From patios to driveways, we do it all

Exterior concrete is constantly exposed to the elements. Over time, your concrete can develop issues like spalling, pits, road salt damage, heaving or sunken sections, and cracks that only get worse if they’re ignored. Our Detroit concrete resurfacing contractors offer plenty of ways to update your concrete based on your design goals and budget.
Basic resurfacing can cover repairs and give your concrete a uniform appearance and texture. This is a popular choice for commercial concrete resurfacing in Detroit as well as driveways. There are also more decorative options to give your exterior concrete new life. One of the most affordable solutions is concrete staining and etching. Depending on the look you want, we can achieve beautiful and uniform finishes like leather and stone. Water-based and acid-based stains can be mixed and matched for a custom look and hues ranging from earth tones to vibrant blues, greens, and reds.
Other possible concrete resurfacing options for your exterior concrete include stained, stamped concrete overlays and acrylic coatings, which are often used for pool decks.
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Concrete Floor Resurfacing in Detroit

Transform your aging and cracked concrete floors

Are your interior concrete floors showing their age with cracks, stains, spalling, and other cosmetic flaws? Give your concrete new life and a beautiful new finish with our resurfacing options. As one of the leading concrete resurfacing companies in Detroit, Michigan, we offer plenty of ways to completely customize and revitalize boring concrete floors.
One of the most affordable solutions is concrete staining. There are endless color combinations possible for a one-of-a-kind floor with beautiful effects like leather and stone and we can combine stains with sawcutting to add designs. You can take your floor a step further with concrete polishing. Grinding and polishing can be done with or without stains and etching to give your concrete a mirror-like finish. This process is permanent and makes your concrete floors less porous and denser to better resist stains and damage. This type of interior concrete resurfacing is appropriate for a garage, basement, or commercial properties like hotel lobbies, retail facilities, and grocery stores.
This image shows a room with brown epoxy flooring floor.
Another option is covering your concrete. An epoxy concrete resurfacer can be applied over carefully prepared concrete to give you a finished floor system that withstands heavy loads, abrasion, stains, water, vehicle traffic, and more. Epoxy flooring can last up to 20 years and it actually protects the underlying concrete from damage. Our epoxy systems are made from resins and hardeners that chemically react to form an incredibly tough plastic material that’s bonded with the concrete itself. Epoxy is a highly customizable solution that comes in a huge array of colors that can be combined to create one-of-a-kind patterns and effects. With flake epoxy, we can deliver a multi-color floor with a safe, skid-resistant texture perfect for a garage or commercial property. Metallic epoxy is created with metallic pigments that are agitated with special techniques to create a pearlescent and three-dimensional floor that delivers a real “wow” factor to any space.
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