Have questions about commercial epoxy flooring in Detroit, Michigan? Here’s where you can get your answers to the most common questions we hear from clients.

What are the benefits and uses of epoxy flooring?
Commercial epoxy flooring in Detroit is designed to withstand even the most demanding environments with the flexibility to be used in many settings. Commercial epoxy is seamless and USDA approved which means its easy to sanitize and clean. It can even withstand harsh cleaning protocols to ensure a hygienic surface in restrooms, kitchens, and healthcare settings. Despite its strength and durability, our commercial epoxy floor coatings are also the ultimate in low-care flooring. It can be swept and mopped easily and never needs to be waxed or polished.
A commercial epoxy floor coating is incredibly resistant to wear and damage from foot and vehicle traffic, chemicals, heat, extreme cold, moisture, abrasion, and heavy loads. It can also be customized in many ways. If you have unique needs at your facility, we can recommend a specialized industrial epoxy in Detroit that meets your needs such as epoxy that resists battery acid or offers static dissipation. The appearance of epoxy floor coatings are also highly customizable with many colors, patterns, and effects we can achieve. From incorporating your business or sports team logo to metallic epoxy flooring and striping to direct traffic, we can achieve any look you want.
We install epoxy flooring in residential, commercial, and industrial settings in Detroit, Michigan. Popular uses for industrial grade epoxy floor coatings include:
  • Residential garages, basements, and living spaces
  • Medical centers, including operating theaters, exam rooms, lobbies, and hallways
  • Auto shops and showrooms
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Restaurants and kitchens with specialized commercial kitchen flooring epoxy solutions.
  • Restrooms, weight rooms, and locker rooms
  • Schools, universities, and daycares
  • Factories, warehouses, breweries, and manufacturing plants
  • Retail storefronts, shopping centers, and grocery stores
  • Veterinarian offices, dog daycares, and boarding kennels
  • Prisons, jails, and public safety buildings
How long will an epoxy floor system last?
Our industrial epoxy floor coatings in Detroit, Michigan are highly resistant to damage and usually last at least 10 years, even in high-demand environments. This far exceeds the lifespan of DIY epoxy floor coatings which may only last a few years. When properly maintained, commercial epoxy flooring can even last 20 years or longer without showing stains and damage.
How durable are epoxy floors?
Commercial and industrial epoxy flooring systems are valued for their durability and longevity. Epoxy protects your concrete floor from stains, moisture, cracks, and damage with a high-performance protective layer. It can withstand many forms of damage, including corrosive liquids, vehicle traffic, and abrasion. Industrial epoxy floor coatings in Detroit are ideal for high-traffic and demanding environments because they bind with the concrete substrate and are actually stronger than concrete. This increases the weight load of the concrete with a flexural strength exceeding 10,000 psi.
Will my epoxy floor be slippery?
Epoxy floors are very similar to basketball courts. They offer good traction unless they are wet, in which case they can be very slippery. Of course, there are many ways to address this. We can add skid-resistant additives to the topcoat of your epoxy floor to make it very safe and slip-resistant, even when wet. The smoother the surface, the easier it will be to clean. Keep this in mind when determining how slip-resistant you want the floor to be and where it will be installed.
For example, in garages that are exposed to water from wet cars and melting snow, a non-slip additive is a good choice. If you work on your car and the floor will be exposed to frequent spilled fluids like oil and antifreeze, it’s also a good idea to choose a slip-resistant surface.
Commercial epoxy flooring is most slippery when it is newly installed. This is because the coating develops a static charge during application and the curing process. This will last a few days and draw tiny particles out of the air that collect on the floor and make it slippery. A brand-new commercial epoxy floor coating is also very smooth and can be slippery when wet. After exposure to traffic, microscopic damage will increase the grip of the floor.
Why is epoxy perfect for every floor?
Commercial epoxy floor coatings in Detroit, MI are a durable, attractive, and long-lasting solution for almost every application. We install industrial-grade epoxy flooring in garages and basements, medical facilities, office buildings, restaurants, and more. This unique flooring solution offers benefits and strengths that can complement any environment.
Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in Detroit, for example, offers a seamless, slip-resistant surface that withstands damage from rolling carts, oils, dairy, and more. It’s USDA approved and easy to clean without harboring pathogens and debris. Industrial epoxy flooring for a factory or warehouse can withstand corrosive chemicals, heavy loads, and vehicle traffic. We also install industrial grade epoxy floor coatings in medical centers, hospitals, operating rooms, and veterinarian offices because it’s sanitary, seamless, and durable. It can even withstand harsh cleaning chemicals and disinfectants without deteriorating.
Epoxy isn’t just hardworking; it’s also attractive. With customizable colors, patterns, and effects, epoxy can increase brightness in work areas, project a clean and professional appearance, complement business branding efforts, and even contribute to safety with striping and warnings. Homeowners can appreciate epoxy as a durable yet aesthetic solution for a basement, garage, or living spaces.
Why should I choose an epoxy floor coating?
We find that customers have many reasons for choosing industrial grade epoxy floor coatings in Detroit, Michigan. Some simply appreciate that it’s a low-care flooring solution that looks as great as it performs. Others find that it meets all of the unique needs of their facility, including static dissipation properties, a seamless surface that isolates spills, and the ability to withstand heavy loads and chemicals. If you aren’t sure if epoxy is the right solution for your home or facility, contact us to discuss your flooring needs so we can recommend the most suitable industrial epoxy solution.
How long does it take for epoxy flooring installation and curing?
In most cases, commercial epoxy floor coating installation takes just one day which includes diamond grinding and coating installation. If your concrete requires more extensive preparation, you have a large surface area, or you need certain specialty coatings, installation may take up to a few days.
Once the epoxy is installed, it needs to cure completely before the floor can be used. Depending on the coating, your floor may need 1 to 5 days before you can walk, clean, and drive on the floor.
How do you prepare a concrete floor for epoxy?
One of the most essential steps to ensuring a proper bond and beautiful, long-lasting results is careful preparation of your concrete floor. We take the time to repair cracks and other damage to your concrete floors, which may involve leveling low areas. Once the concrete is repaired, we lift gas and oil stains and use diamond grinding to remove surface irregularities and open pores in the concrete. This creates a clean surface with millions of microscopic openings to help the epoxy resin bind with the concrete. Only once the floor is properly prepared will we install your new commercial epoxy flooring system.