What Is Garage Floor Epoxy?

A hardworking and attractive garage floor

There are a lot of words that can probably describe your garage: dusty, cold, dark, messy, and cluttered. It doesn’t need to be. Garage floor epoxy in Detroit, Michigan is an affordable and easy way to give your garage a new look and feel. Garage epoxy can make your garage into anything you want, whether it’s a home gym, a bright and clean place for your hobbies, sor simply dust-free storage for seasonal items.
Garage floor epoxy is a liquid-applied floor system that’s made from hardeners and resin which react to form an incredibly hard plastic material that bonds with your concrete floor. Epoxy flooring doesn’t dry; it cures in place. When fully cured, there’s not much that can hurt or stain your garage epoxy. It can resist all the hazards faced in a garage from road salt, gasoline, and oil to water, hot tires, dropped tools, and heavy loads. All spills are isolated on the surface for easy cleanup and your garage floor epoxy will look as beautiful in 20 years as it does today with minimal care.

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Benefits of Garage Epoxy in Detroit

Beauty and durability meets affordability

Professional garage floor epoxy in Detroit, Michigan is a versatile choice that doesn’t just work in the garage; it’s strong enough for commercial and industrial settings. Garage epoxy is a smart investment in your home that gives you a fresh, clean, and bright garage suitable for hobbies, working on your car, storage, or even turning your garage into a home gym. Unlike other garage floor systems or untreated concrete, a garage epoxy floor in Detroit is highly resistant to stains and damage. There isn’t much that can hurt your epoxy garage floor, even hot tires, gas and oil spills, water, road salt, and abrasion.
In addition to its unrivaled durability, a garage epoxy coating also comes at an affordable cost. Garage epoxy is a low-cost solution that beats the price of most floor systems. It also lasts up to 20 years with minimal care for a low lifecycle cost. When you invest in professional installation, you don’t need to worry about replacing your epoxy floor in the next couple years or even the next couple of decades. You’ll also enjoy a garage floor that’s easy to maintain. A garage epoxy coating in Detroit, MI stops concrete dusting forever with a seamless surface that you can sweep and mop without using special cleaning products.
Finally, garage floor epoxy in Detroit is easy to customize to fit your own unique style. There are limitless design options from solid colors and epoxy flake garage floors to custom patterns and metallic epoxy garage floors with three-dimensional and pearlescent effects that impress.
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Skilled Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

Learn the difference professional installation can make

You may be tempted to save money and install your own garage epoxy with a DIY kit but don’t be fooled: the product quality and preparation can’t come close to professional grade results. While DIY epoxy kits can be right for some applications, these kits typically include low-grade 45% solids epoxy and a mild acid wash. Our garage floor epoxy contractors use only industrial-grade 100% solids epoxy and diamond grinding for a floor system that can last 20 years or longer — not the year or two you get from a kit.
For superior results, an epoxy garage floor coating always starts with thorough prep of the concrete substrate. Don’t let garage floor epoxy contractors in Detroit tell you any differently: preparing your concrete requires shot blasting or diamond grinding, not an acid wash or pressure washing alone. This prep begins with any necessary repairs to your concrete to address spalling, holes, cracks, and other imperfections. Next, diamond grinding or shot blasting is used to remove minor surface imperfections and profile the surface. This leaves a smooth yet porous surface ideal for a strong epoxy bond.
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Next, we apply a high-quality garage floor epoxy. This starts with a quality primer that works as a moisture barrier and improves the strength of the bond. We apply 100% solids epoxy in your choice of colors and patterns with the strength to withstand all types of abuse and maintain its appearance. The best garage floor epoxy coating is comprised of multiple layers, including a final topcoat, to ensure long-lasting results.
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