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Eventually, daily wear and tear will take its toll on your commercial flooring. Long-term exposure to harsh chemicals and corrosive fluids can require repairs or recoating of your floors. When the floor begins to deteriorate, it can also become slippery with imperfections that create a safety hazard. When cracks in a concrete floor are ignored, the uneven surface can become a trip hazard and even cause forklifts to sway and bump. Stacked merchandise and machinery may even tip over as the cracks expand. These cracks also collect debris and moisture that can cause health concerns. The sooner this damage is addressed, the easier and more affordable repairs will be.
Advanced Epoxy Flooring offers a variety of epoxy repair products to restore function, safety, and aesthetics to your commercial flooring. Commercial epoxy repair in Detroit is a cost-effective solution that can be adapted to fit the needs of your facility. Unlike polyurethane, epoxy floor repair is a structural repair that increases the strength of your commercial floor.

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The image shows cracks in an industrial space.

Epoxy Crack Repair in Detroit

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When your concrete develops cracks, pits, and other forms of damage, it’s important to take action quickly. This damage can become a safety and environmental hazard and it will only get worse, eventually leading to costly repairs and shutdowns. Joint deterioration, cracks, and other damage to your concrete floor can also lead to difficulty cleaning, wear and tear on vehicles, moisture problems, and chemicals contaminating the floor itself.
Concrete crack repair epoxy products don’t just restore aesthetics to your concrete floor; they can be used to structurally repair the crack and make the area stronger than the concrete around it. Concrete repair epoxy is injected into the crack and comes in many viscosities ranging from very thin to paste-like depending on the width of the crack. Epoxy offers excellent compressive strength of 12,000 psi or higher which far exceeds concrete. Only epoxy can be used to structurally repair concrete cracks.
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Commercial Floor Refinishing

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Commercial and industrial flooring must withstand harsh and corrosive substances, heavy loads, and frequent foot and vehicle traffic. Our commercial floor refinishing epoxy is designed to protect your floor from harsh conditions and abuse. If your floors are cracked, showing their age, or you want to protect them from damage in the future, commercial floor refinishing is a cost-effective solution. Epoxy floor repair and refinishing creates a seamless surface that’s resistant to slips, abrasion, impact, stains, moisture, and chemicals to protect your employees and customers.
The image shows an industrial space.
After any repairs are made, Advanced Epoxy Flooring can apply a decorative and protective commercial epoxy floor coating over the repair and surrounding floor. This can add a dramatic new look to your space or avoid the appearance of mismatched, repaired, and discolored concrete.
If your commercial floors and joints have become damaged, you can count on Advanced Epoxy Flooring to repair the damage with minimal downtime. We use only high-performance epoxy materials for the ultimate durability and performance. Don’t let a deteriorating commercial floor increase maintenance costs and introduce liability risks; commercial epoxy repair in Detroit, MI can be completed in a matter of hours.
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At Epoxy Flooring Detroit, we have been doing commercial epoxy for almost 20 years. If you need help with commercial epoxy flooring and want a true professional on your side, give us a call today!
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