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Very few floors face the degree of wear and tear as a factory floor. Industrial factory floors face frequent contact with heat, chemicals, and spills as well as heavy equipment and machinery. A concrete floor won’t last long in a factory setting without cracking under the heavy load and chemical exposure and they are almost impossible to maintain. An industrial epoxy floor coating designed for factories offers a seamless, clean, and safe floor that supports a productive environment while withstanding heavy abuse for many years.
Advanced Epoxy Flooring installs specialized factory epoxy flooring in Detroit, MI to meet the unique demands of your facility for safe production. Our floors don’t just protect your concrete floor from damage; they also withstand heavy-duty abuse without cracking, staining, or deteriorating.

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Factory Epoxy Floor Coating Benefits

A factory epoxy floor is designed to withstand heavy abuse, chemicals, heat, spills, and more without showing wear and tear. Our industrial epoxy flooring systems are customized to the specific hazards faced in your factory. A factory epoxy floor coating in Detroit, MI helps promote a productive, safe environment in many ways:

  • Creates a brighter workspace. This can reduce the need for additional lighting and make the factory brighter and more appealing for workers.
  • Slip resistant. Safety is a top priority in factories and specialized factory epoxy flooring supports this goal. Our industrial epoxy flooring is slip resistant to help your factory remain safe for workers in a fast-paced setting. Special additives can even keep your floor slip-resistant in wet or oily environments.
  • Withstands heavy loads. Epoxy flooring can withstand even heavy machinery and equipment without deterioration, cracks, or damage.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Industrial-grade factory epoxy flooring creates a seamless surface free of joints, cracks, and crevices. This makes your factory flooring easy to sweep and clean according to your cleaning protocols.
  • Resistant to chemicals, spills, and extreme temperatures. Virtually nothing can seep through a factory epoxy floor or damage the epoxy itself. Our industrial epoxy floor coating will resist gas, oil, caustic chemicals, abrasives, and harsh cleaning products without staining or damage. Our epoxy flooring is also manufactured to withstand high heat and low temperatures without cracking, peeling, or deterioration.
  • Customized appearance. Aesthetics may not be a top concern in a Detroit factory but colored striping can help promote a safe work environment by designating work areas, aisles, and traffic patterns.
Our Detroit, MI factory epoxy floor coating solutions are designed to meet the extreme demands of a factory setting while protecting your workers and managing liability.
Our unique industrial epoxy flooring systems are easy to maintain, almost impervious to staining, and last for many years with very little maintenance. No matter what your goals, Advanced Epoxy Flooring can help you choose the right factory epoxy floor system to increase productivity and safety in your facility while reducing maintenance and liability expenses.
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