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Other Industrial Floors

No matter the situation

Advanced Epoxy Flooring installs specialized industrial epoxy flooring in Detroit for a wide range of industries. Along with common applications such as warehouses, factories, and medical facilities, we also provide flooring products for specialized industrial purposes. No matter what your special flooring requirements, we can develop a high-performance epoxy solution to fit your needs.

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Kennels and Veterinary Facilities

Durable, long lasting floors

The image shows an empty garage floor epoxy flooring on it.
Veterinary clinics, kennels, and equestrian centers require flooring that’s resistant to waste, odor absorption, stains, and harsh cleaning protocols. Our specialized commercial epoxy flooring meets these requirements and more. Our industrial epoxy coatings offer great slip resistance for employees, visitors, and pets. A seamless epoxy surface does not allow spills and pet waste to permeate the surface. Cleaning and sanitation is made easy as the floor can be cleaned with a broom and mop with resistance to even harsh or abrasive cleaning chemicals. Industrial epoxy flooring even offers unparalleled resistance to abrasion, punctures, and scratches.
Our industrial-grade epoxy flooring solutions in Detroit, MI can be customized to match your facility’s decor with dozens of colors and custom blends. We can even incorporate a logo, text, and color striping to direct traffic.

Low Maintenance Auto Shop Flooring

Easy to clean, long lasting

This image shows someone applying epoxy paint ion a floor.
We carry a line of specialized government and military-grade epoxy flooring for institutional facilities, including prisons, rehabilitation centers, and military facilities. Our low VOC correctional facility flooring is sanitary, extremely durable, anti-slip, and easy to maintain.
Correctional epoxy flooring is perfect for cells, dining areas, workshops, kitchens, common areas, shower rooms, and more with excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, heavy loads, and stains.
Because sanitation and safety are two of the biggest concerns in correctional facilities, our industrial epoxy floor coating solutions can be customized with skid resistance and integrated cove bases to create a seamless surface that will not harbor pathogens. These floors are easy to sanitize and clean, resisting damage from even harsh and abrasive cleaning protocols.
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Chemical and Acid Exposure

Safety and quality is our #1

We carry a full line of specialized industrial epoxy floor coatings that are chemical and acid resistant. Our specialty epoxy products can resist phosphoric acid, nitric acid, acetone, ammonia, sulfuric acid, and more. This type of industrial epoxy flooring may be used in battery storage areas, for example, to prevent damage to your facility if batteries leak.
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Wineries and Breweries

Beautiful looking and durable

An industrial epoxy floor coating is perfectly suited to the high demands of breweries, distilleries, and wineries. Our USDA-approved commercial epoxy flooring systems are durable yet easy to clean and able to withstand heavy forklift and cart traffic and frequent spills without staining, cracking, or deterioration.
Industrial epoxy flooring in Detroit, MI can also resist caustic chemicals, acids, harsh disinfectants, and high-pressure washing used to sanitize work areas and equipment. Our commercial epoxy solutions can be customized to the needs of your facility with your choice of colors and striping to create an attractive solution for areas open to the public.

Processing Facilities

Cost efficient, easily maintaned

Processing and production facilities and manufacturing plants require continuous work to remain efficient. That means these facilities also require high-performance flooring that’s up to the task. Slippery, cracked, and damaged concrete flooring can lead to lost productivity, avoidable shutdowns, and injuries.
Our industrial epoxy floor coatings in Detroit are designed to withstand heavy loads, vehicular and foot traffic, chemical spills, and more without deterioration. Our flooring solutions help improve your bottom line while supporting a safe, clean, and productive work environment.
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