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Manufacturing facilities require industrial-strength flooring that’s built to withstand heavy wear and tear, chemicals, and lubricants. Machine shop floors are subjected to many types of abuse, including chemicals, lubricants, dropped and dragged parts, and heavy loads. At Advanced Epoxy Flooring, we install heavy-duty machine shop epoxy flooring in Detroit that’s built to last. Our industrial epoxy flooring solutions withstand many forms of damage while maintaining a clean appearance.

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Durable High-Performance Machine Shop Epoxy Flooring

Flooring system that will last

Our machine shop epoxy flooring in Detroit is designed to withstand the heavy abuse your machine shop floor is subjected to on a daily basis. Our flooring systems are formulated to specifically handle a variety of hazards.
  • Extreme resistance to alkali, acids, solvents, and chemicals
  • Supports very heavy loads
  • Withstands high impacts and damage from sharp objects
  • Moisture tolerant industrial epoxy flooring handles wet processing
  • Does not show wear and tear or stains
  • Thermal shock and steam-cleanable
  • Static and spark reduction
Our epoxy flooring is engineered to handle even the harshest environments such as industrial research facilities, automotive manufacturing, fabricating facilities, and heavy equipment manufacturing.
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Easy to Clean for Reduced Maintenance Costs

Non-slip easy to clean floors

Industrial epoxy flooring is the ultimate low-care flooring solution. Our industrial epoxy formulations withstand even harsh and abrasive industrial cleaning procedures without deteriorating. This makes it easy to keep your machine shop running efficiently without downtime.
We can also install epoxy flooring in a machine shop with integral cove base and floors sloping toward drains to support fast wash-downs. With no waxing or polishing ever required, a high-performance industrial epoxy floor coating can reduce your facility’s maintenance costs.
The image shows an industrial space.
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The image shows an industrial space.

Markings and Safety Colors for Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Keeping employees safe every day

Advanced Epoxy Flooring offers a wide range of OSHA-approved safety colors for epoxy flooring in a machine shop. A light-colored industrial epoxy floor coating improves safety by brightening the space while making it easy to spot dropped tools and objects. We can also delineate work areas, mark off safe and work areas, and use line striping to direct the flow of traffic in your machine shop to reduce the risk of injury. In addition, our machine shop epoxy flooring is engineered with anti-slip properties to keep your workers safe.
The last thing your facility needs is the interruption of floor repairs from consistent damage. When this damage isn’t repaired quickly, it can cause slip and trip hazards and other liabilities. A protective epoxy floor coating is the solution to prevent damage to your facility and the legal risks of machine shop floor damage. Our flooring systems can protect your concrete floor from caustic chemicals, oil, standing water, concussion cracks, impact damage, and more for a safe, effective flooring solution.
Whether parts are being fabricated, cut, or finished, your machine shop floor requires a solution that’s seamless, highly resistant to damage, and slip resistant with excellent compressive strength to withstand daily wear and tear. Advanced Epoxy Flooring installs industrial-grade epoxy flooring for machine shops in Detroit. Our epoxy solutions are customized to the unique needs of your facility to increase productivity and keep your workers safe.