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Auto Shop Epoxy Flooring

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Auto shop flooring needs to be tough enough to withstand corrosive chemicals, dropped tools, hot tires, and other hazards. Our high-performance auto epoxy flooring doesn’t just look great; it holds up to gas, oils, grease, solvents, and more without deteriorating or staining. Commercial garage epoxy flooring can withstand even the most demanding conditions in auto body shops, dealership maintenance areas, and corporate fleet facilities.
At Advanced Epoxy Flooring, we install custom garage epoxy flooring in Detroit, MI for a wide range of commercial applications. We will help you develop an auto shop flooring solution customized to the unique needs of your facility.

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Safe Non-Slip Surface

Creates a safer work environmnet

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Auto shop flooring can be an effective solution for addressing common hazards in an auto shop. With chemicals, oils, and liquids used frequently, it’s important to choose a flooring solution that offers excellent slip and skid resistance.
Our high-performance auto epoxy flooring in Detroit can be customized with a non-slip surface that improves safety in your facility.

Low Maintenance Auto Shop Flooring

Takes the hassle our of traditional concrete floors

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Along with durability and chemical resistance, one of the biggest requirements for auto shop and garage flooring is that it’s easy to clean. Our commercial epoxy floor coating solutions are seamless systems that are easy to keep clean and safe. Epoxy is a waterproof system that won’t allow chemicals and liquids to seep through. This makes it easy to isolate spills until they can be cleaned up. Garage epoxy flooring can also withstand industrial-strength degreasers, disinfectants, and cleaning solutions without deteriorating.
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At Epoxy Flooring Detroit, we have been doing commercial epoxy for almost 20 years. If you need help with commercial epoxy flooring and want a true professional on your side, give us a call today!
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High Performance, Durable Auto Epoxy Flooring

Flooring that will last a lifetime

Mechanic and auto body floors need to be durable and withstand intense conditions. Corrosive fluids, dropped tools, and heavy auto repair equipment are just a few factors that contribute to wear and tear of your garage floor. Properly installed industrial garage epoxy flooring in Detroit is extremely resistant to chemicals and spills. A high performance epoxy floor also isolates hazardous materials until they can be cleaned up as chemicals and liquids cannot leach through the epoxy or concrete.
Garage epoxy flooring doesn’t just hold up against chemicals; it also withstands vehicle traffic, heavy equipment, and dropped tools without chips, abrasions, or marks. Commercial garage epoxy flooring withstands the high demands of your auto shop without showing signs of wear and damage. With professional epoxy installation, your auto shop’s floor will remain free of stains or a worn down and degraded appearance that can give customers a poor impression.
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Customized Auto Shop Flooring Options

Tailored to your specific needs

While industrial garage epoxy flooring in Detroit is utilitarian, it doesn’t have to be unattractive. We offer numerous options for customizing your auto shop epoxy floor with striping, safety messages, company logos, and more embedded into your epoxy floor design.
Customizing the appearance of your garage epoxy flooring can ensure a safe environment for visitors and employees by marking pathways and danger zones while creating a bright, clean environment.
Industrial epoxy flooring is the ideal solution for a seamless floor that’s stain, chemical, impact, and slip resistant. Our auto epoxy flooring solutions combine beautiful form and function for public and behind-the-scenes areas of your facility to protect your floor, employees, and customers. Contact Advanced Epoxy Flooring today to learn more about the benefits of epoxy auto shop flooring in Detroit.