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Retail Epoxy Flooring

Both beautiful and durable

Retail flooring is subjected to constant traffic, heavy loads, and spills on a daily basis. Our commercial epoxy flooring in Detroit is designed to meet the high demands of your facility for flooring that’s durable, slip-resistant, low-maintenance, and attractive. Retail epoxy flooring can transform the look of your retail space with custom colors, patterns, and markings. Even better, it comes with an easy installation and a low lifecycle cost compared to the alternatives.
At Advanced Epoxy Flooring, we will help you choose the right commercial epoxy floor coating in Detroit for your space. Your new flooring system will be customized to match the decor of your facility with the durability you need to reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

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Low-Maintenance Retail Flooring

Easy to clean, resistant to cracks

The image shows stores inside a mall.
Our commercial epoxy floor coating solutions are the ultimate in low-maintenance flooring, an ideal solution for busy retail establishments. Our decorative epoxy flooring never requires buffing or waxing which increase downtime. Instead, our epoxy flooring can be cleaned with a broom, mop, and bucket.
Professional commercial-grade epoxy can withstand any cleaning regiment, even harsh and abrasive cleaning chemicals, without showing wear and tear. It’s also incredibly stain resistant to keep your beautiful retail flooring looking pristine.

Long-Lasting Flooring System

Flooring that lasts for decades

The image shows stores inside a mall.
Retail establishments deal with a great deal of foot traffic and a need for pristine floors. Without the right type of retail flooring, your floors will quickly show wear and tear which detracts from the experience of your visitors and forces expensive repairs and downtime. Retail epoxy flooring is formulated to hold up to even the roughest conditions. Our seamless commercial epoxy flooring is installed quickly, easy to clean, and handles water, chemicals, and other spills without deterioration or stains. No matter what your day-to-day operations involve, you can be sure that your flooring will hold up well without showing signs of damage.
Epoxy Flooring
Detroit, Michigan
At Epoxy Flooring Detroit, we have been doing commercial epoxy for almost 20 years. If you need help with commercial epoxy flooring and want a true professional on your side, give us a call today!
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Custom Retail Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Solutions tailored to your needs

While retail flooring needs to be durable and resilient, it shouldn’t be cold and unattractive. Advanced Epoxy Flooring offers unlimited ways to customize our commercial epoxy flooring to match your decor. Whether you’re customizing a hair salon, boutique, or shopping center, we can help you design a flooring system that enhances the customer experience. We offer a huge array of colors and custom blends to match your decor. For larger spaces, we can also incorporate shapes, designs, and markings to encourage traffic patterns. We can even incorporate your brand’s logo and text!
Once installed, epoxy flooring will maintain its appearance without scratches, abrasions, cracks, and deterioration that can detract from the appearance of your retail establishment.
The image shows stores inside a mall.
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Epoxy Flooring Detroit, Michigan
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The image shows stores inside a mall.

Applications for Commercial Retail Epoxy Flooring

Long lasting and versitile

Advanced Epoxy Flooring installs custom retail flooring in Detroit for a wide range of businesses. Common applications for our high-performance commercial epoxy floor coating include:
  • Retail stores
  • Department stores
  • Food courts
  • Shopping malls
  • Convenience stores
  • Museums
  • Movie theaters
  • Hair salons
  • Sports stadiums
  • Grocery stores and bakeries
  • Trade shows