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Garage epoxy offers everything you’re looking for in a garage floor system. It’s attractive, seamless, easy to clean, ultra stain-resistant, and affordable. Epoxy isn’t paint but it is applied as a liquid with a specific ratio of hardeners and resin that have a chemical reaction when combined to create a strong plastic material that bonds with your concrete floor. Once it cures, garage floor epoxy is built to take a beating and maintain its beautiful appearance for many years to come.
Our Detroit epoxy garage floor installers are dedicated to giving you a garage floor you will be proud to show off. Whether you love working on your car, want to turn your garage into a workshop or home gym, or you’re just tired of a dusty, dark, and cold garage, give us a call to transform your garage into something amazing. There’s no end to the decorative effects we can achieve with industrial-grade epoxy from simple to over the top.
Don’t be fooled by the epoxy kits you see in the big box home improvement stores. These kits may seem like a cheap DIY alternative but they usually come with low-grade 40-50% solids epoxy and a mild acid wash — a far cry from the professional-grade products we use. We install only 100% solids solvent-based epoxy that’s formulated to withstand even heavy-duty industrial applications. Our epoxy garage floor installers also have the training and tools necessary to correctly profile your garage floor ahead of an epoxy application. While the results from epoxy kits are lucky to last a couple of years, professional garage floor epoxy can last 20-25 years with ease.

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Why Invest in Garage Floor Epoxy?

Find out what a garage epoxy coating can offer

You may be more familiar with epoxy flooring than you think. You’ve seen it in hospitals, car dealerships, laundromats, and storefronts. Have you ever considered why epoxy is such a popular floor system for these high-demand environments? It offers an incredibly durable and hard-wearing surface that lasts for years — all with a low cost. As a homeowner, you can enjoy these same benefits by choosing professional garage floor epoxy.
An epoxy garage floor coating in Detroit, MI offers unique benefits and features that make it perfectly suited to your garage. Here are just some of the reasons so many Detroit homeowners are investing in epoxy garage floor installers to deliver a superior epoxy system.
  • Brightens your garage floor by up to 300%. This makes your whole garage brighter without additional lighting.
  • It’s very easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need to polish or wax your floor or even use special products. Just sweep and mop.
  • Garage floor epoxy is affordable. Skip the garage epoxy kits. Our epoxy garage floor installers in Detroit deliver beautiful and long-lasting results with a low cost per square foot.
  • The surface is seamless with nowhere for dirt and grime to hide. It even stops concrete dusting forever.
  • It resists stains and chemicals. Don’t worry about road salt, gas, and oil; they won’t harm your new garage floor or leave stains.
  • It can last for decades. Our garage floor epoxy contractors use superior epoxy products and careful concrete prep for flawless garage floor epoxy that can last up to 20 years or even longer.
  • It’s decorative and customizable. How do you see your new garage? From solid colors and custom patterns to fun effects like a metallic epoxy garage floor, we can do it all.
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Our Garage Epoxy Installation Process

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To deliver beautiful results that last, we are committed to a multi-step process that begins with thorough preparation of your concrete substrate and ends with several layers of an industrial-grade garage epoxy product.
Garage floor epoxy that’s applied to a stained, cracked, and unprofiled concrete surface is guaranteed to fail. We start by lifting gas and oil stains then our epoxy garage floor installers make any needed repairs to the concrete. Next, we take the time to prep the surface and ensure a strong bond with the epoxy product. To do this, we use either shot blasting or diamond grinding. These methods accomplish several things: opening the pores of the concrete, removing surface imperfections, and creating a smooth yet porous surface ideal for epoxy.
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The final step is the fun part: applying premium-grade epoxy to give you a one-of-a-kind garage floor. As one of the leading garage floor epoxy companies in Detroit, Michigan, we use only the best epoxy products rated for even heavy-duty abuse. After a primer, we build up your garage floor and create any effects you want such as a flake epoxy floor for texture and color, a checkerboard pattern, or the elegance of metallic epoxy. The final step is adding a topcoat to help your garage epoxy floor last for many years to come.
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