Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

What is and why you should install a garage epoxy floor.

Our garage floors are the most important features of our garage itself and without a strong and durable surface, our garages would be ultimately useless. An epoxy coating is the toughest finish you can add on your garage floor. Not only does an epoxy floor coating create a strong and resistant barrier between your concrete and the outside world, but it also transforms a dull and boring surface into a beautiful one. A garage is the highest functioning section of any residential property so it should have a high-performing floor that lasts for decades.
An epoxy coating can be installed in any residential garage or commercial garage. A garage floor epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardeners that cure with your concrete floor, unlike paints, epoxy coatings create strong and long-lasting barriers between your vulnerable concrete and the damaging environment of a garage.

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The image shows a garage floor with a car on it being powered sprayed.

Garage Floor Epoxy

Benefits of an epoxy garage floor coating.

Our team knows how important a well-installed epoxy floor coating is to your home, so we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Our team has decades of combined experience, there isn’t anything we haven’t handled. It is crucial to hire a licensed professional when installing an epoxy floor coating to truly gain the flooring systems benefits.
An epoxy floor does not peel over time, so it continuously creates a beautiful and inviting environment for your friends, family, and neighbors. Regardless if your garage houses your vehicle, acts like extra storage space, or is your home gym, it is important to have an easily maintained floor. An epoxy garage floor creates an effortless floor cleanup. With a seamless finish, an epoxy garage floor coating keeps all debris, dust, grime, oil, and water on the surface making them easy to wipe and clean away. Your concrete garage floor, unless coated, is susceptible to constant damage from water, oils, engine, and brake fluids or heavy dropped items. Anyone of those things can cause major damage that can make your garage floor seem unsightly but when epoxy coatings are applied to your garage floor those concerns are taken care of. An epoxy floor is resistant to any and all common and uncommon scenarios that would otherwise damage your floors. Water, fire, stain, and slip-resistant properties are all present when you install an epoxy floor. If you’re accustomed to dull and boring garage floor coatings, epoxy will change your mind! Epoxy garage coatings can be installed to be beautiful and eye-catching floors that can be decorated with colors, textures, and patterns to represent your style.
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Garage Floor Coating Epoxy

Suggestions on how to care for your new floors

Whether you have installed an epoxy coating in a commercial or residential area, there are ways to care for your floors that will ensure a longer lifespan. Unprotected concrete floors do not last very long and need constant repairs and replacements with intense care; however, an epoxy floor requires very little to no maintenance, but nothing lasts without a little care.
This shows a man sweeping the floor.
An epoxy garage coating should be swept on a daily basis to remove any harmful debris that could linger on your surface. Some debris if left on your surface for long periods of time can cause abrasions to your coating. We suggest mopping your floors on a weekly to a bi-weekly basis for hygienic and shine purposes.
Do not use cleaners with high levels of soap that could streak your glossy floors dulling their shine and never let any cleaners dry on the surface of your floor. Any acidic cleaners left on an epoxy floor will eat away at your floors surface, double check with our professionals on what products would be best for your floors. Inspect your epoxy garage floor regularly to catch any issues early on and don’t be afraid to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns regarding your epoxy garage floors.
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