If you want a durable flooring solution that’s not just elegant but also unique, metallic epoxy flooring may be right for you. These beautiful and eye-catching metallic coatings are one of the biggest trends in decorative concrete flooring. Experienced metallic epoxy contractors use an array of techniques to create interesting effects and make floors look truly three-dimensional. Here’s how a metallic epoxy floor is achieved and the most common uses for this fun yet stylish flooring system.

What Is a Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating?
Industrial and residential epoxy flooring is generally applied in several layers. There are many effects that can be created depending on the color and additives in each layer. Some people prefer a matte finish or a glossy finish in one color. Vinyl color chips can be added to create the popular epoxy flake flooring or mineral flakes can be added to mimic natural stone. Metallic epoxy flooring is created with metallic pigments, which are tiny glitter-like pigments in the epoxy resin that catch the light.

There are a few different installation techniques to achieve a unique metallic effect. As the metallic pigments are agitated with a roller or brush, they turn, twist, and group together to reflect light at various angles. Solvents like denatured alcohol can also be used to drag and disperse the metallic pigments throughout the epoxy surface before it dries. A leaf blower may even be used to impel, crater, and ripple the pigments. Contractors may also use splotching and blending with several colors to create an even more unique effect.

What Does Metallic Epoxy Really Look Like?
Metallic epoxy floor coatings create a signature look for a home or business. Depending on the technique, a metallic epoxy floor coating can resemble:
— Marble slab flooring
— Lighting strikes
— Lava lamps
— Moon craters
— Liquid metal
— Storm clouds
— Colored glass

Benefits of Choosing a Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating
Homeowners and business owners have many reasons for choosing a metallic coating. This unique effect is a custom solution that’s also economical. A metallic epoxy floor can even cost less than many other flooring systems. This makes it a great alternative to the ordinary and typical without sacrificing quality and aesthetics.

A metallic floor can create also create a fun yet sophisticated living space or public space. The effects achieved with metallic pigments and epoxy resin can’t be duplicated with other coating options. By reflecting light, a metallic floor offers greater depth and dimension than stained and polished concrete.

Along with its unique aesthetics, metallic epoxy floor coatings also offer the same benefits as traditional epoxy flooring. This includes an industrial-grade flooring system that resists wear, punctures, abrasion, moisture, and chemical spills. The seamless surface is easy to sweep and mop without waxing or polishing. It’s also hygienic and slip-resistant for improved safety.

Common Uses for Metallic Epoxy Coatings
Metallic epoxy floor coatings are a unique solution that can be used in homes and businesses. In the home, this beautiful finish is commonly used to upgrade basement epoxy. A metallic epoxy basement floor creates a one-of-a-kind living space that seals out moisture and adds brightness and depth to a space that may otherwise seem dark and cold. Businesses of all types also appreciate the professional and sleek look of metallic epoxy finishes. This effect can be used in hair salons, hotel lobbies, restaurants, auto showrooms, office buildings, shopping centers, and more.